F-stop Gear Life in Focus episode

Today is a very special day for us and we are extremely happy. We are featured in F-Stop Gears newest episode of their “Life in Focus” Video Series.

Cameron Sylvester, F-Stops videographer, met up with us in April, while Katrin, Fietje and me were on our big roadtrip through the US Southwest. He joined us for three days in Utah and filmed our daily lives as photographers and a family with an eight months old baby on the road in a 40 year old VW-bus. We had a truly great time together.

We have been working as Staff Pros with F-stop Gear for about a year now and it is impressive to see not only how much effort they put into producing the best camera packs out there, but also how much the photography community means to them. Thanks so much!!!

Check the video here.

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