US road trip, part II

It’s been two and a half weeks now since we left Hamburg in mid March. On the ground about 20 centimetres of snow, the temperatures ten degrees below freezing. While it has stayed that way back home we are in California, enjoying the sun and heat even more.

We bought back our old bus in Fresno, had to do some work on it, before we got started and then got on the road. And it felt so good to cruise down those highways, big and small, again, the sound of that old VW engine, no aircondition but the wind through the open windows and not going much more than 45 to 55 miles per hour.

Traveling in this style as a family has proved to be a bit tougher than we had expected, though. Driving more than three hours at a time is not liked very much by our son Fietje, so we took an easier pace right from the beginning and tried to match it with his nap-times. Sometimes it works, sometimes we have to cope with screams from the kids-seat in the back for a while. And sometimes, we are just parked somewhere for a few hours, so he can sleep outside. Really different to our trip in 2005 but that’s just how it is when traveling with a baby, I guess. And it’s good. We are having lots of fun together. And Fietje is exploring every bit of this new world, every minute he can. While sitting in his baby carrier backpack on a hike or just crawling around in the dirt in front of the bus.

Here are a few photos of our first week with an unplanned side trip to the coast and Montana de Oro State Park and a stop in the great Alabama Hills below Mount Whitney on the Eastern Sierra. Enjoy.

USA_50268_b USA_50421_b USA_50506_b USA_50701_b USA_50912_b




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