New video + story in Marco Polo travelmagazine

About a year ago I went on a dogsledding trip to Norway (here’s the blog post from back then). The trip was a great adventure and I would go again right now, especially facing the winter that is just no winter in Hamburg at the moment.

If you want to hear more and see more about my trip, there are three options for you. The first – and probably my favorite – is checking out the short film I did about it, which should put you right into the middle of it all, beeing a musher and seeing those amazing northern lights like we did for a few nights in row.

Should you still be hungry for more pictures and stories, now you actually have the possibility to listen to my voice telling those tales: the new online mag “Marco Polo travelmagazine” is featuring a big story with about 90 pictures and five audio commentaries in their current edition. It is most fun to download the app for the iPad and view the article that way. But if you want to check it out on a regular computer, click here. It is a great new form of storytelling, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Just click on the speaker buttons and listen …


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