McKinley – discover the unknown. Norway

This is a video I produced for McKinley in beautiful Romsdalen in Norway’s Fjordland region last summer.

director: Lars Schneider
dop: Lars Schneider
assistant: Jules Esick
editing: Julian Weber
sound design: Clemens Becker
music: Wings For Another – The Highest Place
models: Sinah Diepold, Lukas Offinger

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show reel 2017

I am really stoked to share with you my first ever showreel. It is a combination of my motion work from the past roughly two and a half years, both as a dop and director.

Besides my love for still images and my background as a photographer, creating moving images has become more and more a part of my work and passion, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you in these 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

And thanks so much to all the people that were involved in the creation of many of these clips – cinematographers, athletes, brands, friends …

music: produced by AmberYard

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Running Rügen

In the far north east of Germany lies an island that is probably one of my favorite places in Germany and I have visited many times, both for work and pleasure. There are sheer white chalk cliffs, shallow lagoons and the open endless sea, sandy beaches and enchanted forests that grow all the way to the waters edge. Rügen.

After several previous visits, in the fall of 2016, I finally had the chance to incorporate running into my work there and this little clip is one part of the outcome of the project. Next year, a feature story in Runner’s World Germany mag will follow. And for sure I’ll go back soon …

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My favorite images 2016

2016 has been exceptional in forms of work and adventures and where these lead me around the globe. The year started in northern Norway on a dogsledding trip, then followed by the Faroe islands, California and Israel. Soon after I went to South Africa, to France, to Norway again, a few times to Rügen, my favorite island in Germany, then to Iceland, Saxony and Berlin, to Scotland, back down to the Alps and then Slovenia and finally California again. This last journey was the biggest adventure of them all and the most memorable journey of the year, as I spent two weeks with my four year old son, driving around in our sweet ’71 VW camper van.

From all these trips I brought back thousands and thousands of images and it is really hard to pick just a few favorite ones. But I gave it a try and here are my top 14 in no specific order …


I took the above photo in Berlin, right on the back side of the “Reichstag” on a shoot for Ortlieb. We had this amazing reflection from an all glass building on the other side of a river that lit up these stairs.

canyon-ls-072016-1In February I went to the Faroe Islands to produce a video about my work as a photographer when not on assignment, mainly working on landscape images but for a few days, I did create some moving and still footage about road biking on these wild islands for Canyon. Have a look here.


Another shot from the islands featuring my friend Pete on top of my favorite car out there.



This little village for me perfectly displays how tough you have to be to live on the Faroe Islands. It is called Funnigur and I am really looking forward to enjoying this view again in February on a photo workshop I will lead to the Faroes.


A sunset in Iceland, just before midnight in June. We didn’t have to wait long for sunrise.


On assignment for Deuter in Iceland, just a few kilometers away from the busy ring road near the south coast. It was more or less a coincidence that we found this place and maybe that’s why I loved it even more. And I couldn’t have asked for better weather.



This is the oldest public hot spring pool in Iceland. I doubt a drawing out of your wildest fantasy would have placed it anywhere much prettier.

Dogsledding through Dividal and Rohkunborri National Parks. Norway.

As you might know, I love the north. And one of the coolest ways to travel through wilderness in winter, is by dogsleds. I took this photo on a day the sun barely made it over the horizon – for the first time in weeks that winter.


Another favorite image from Norway. I took it on a day I’ll remember for a long time. The weather had been mean to us on this shoot for a few days but this morning, when my alarm rang at 3:30 and I peaked out of the window, things looked very promising. I woke up everyone and we drove and hiked up to this place, a little plateau above Romsdalen. When we arrived, the first sunbeams hit the mountains and a light wind helped chase away the clouds. Magical.


A photo I took for GORE on the famous Paris-Roubaix race route …


… where cobble stones make the riders suffer on about 50 of the 250 kilometers of the race that takes place each April since 1896.

SLO_3490 kopieren

On a shoot for Tatonka in Slovenia in the fall, this scene opened up on the side of a waterfall. I loved the light shining through the water and I loved how brave my model was to stand there without complaining, getting soaked slowly, until I had my shot.


The girl, the hair and the smoothy that matched the color of her shirt. Lots of things made me happy when I took this photo in the heart of Ljubljana on the same production for Tatonka.

USA_85024Did I mention I love road trips? I do. Especially in beautiful old camper vans like this one, especially in the US Southwest, the perfect place for road trips and especially with my son, who is only four years old but such an adventurous dude. This trip to California was the most memorable journey of the year and this starry night in the desert one I had to capture.

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